Impacted Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

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Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last four of your 32 teeth to grow. You can see them erupt at the end of the lower and upper gums, right in the back of your mouth. Usually, wisdom teeth shows around late adolescence or early adulthood stage, specifically between 17 and 25 years of age.

While some people can have four wisdom teeth erupt, most people do not have enough room for their third molar, which causes impacted wisdom teeth. Often, the wisdom teeth fail to come through proper alignment in the gum line that causes crowding or wisdom teeth trapped between the jawbone and gum tissue. When this happens, you may experience ear pain, swelling, toothache, infections, and teeth damaged.

Often impacted wisdom teeth do not always show symptoms, so a regular visit to your dentist is essential to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.  Nevertheless, if symptoms do arise, it is generally due to the gum on top of the tooth becoming swollen or infected. Symptoms include swelling, bleeding gums, headache, unpleasant taste when eating and jaw pain. Others even experience swollen lymph nodes in the neck and jaw stiffness.

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to see your dentist right away. Your dentist will decide if you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted. Other reasons for removing your wisdom teeth include too much crowding that causes damage to nearby teeth and partially erupted wisdom teeth that causes decay.

If you have impacted wisdom teeth and you need them removed, contact our office at Alliston as soon as you can.

– Dr. Parekh & Associates Team

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